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About Israel Deluxe Touring 对以色列豪华旅游


Deluxe Israel is a tour group that has decided to take Israeli tourism to another level. 豪华以色列是一个旅游集团,已经决定采取以色列旅游到另一个层次。 While all tour groups and tour operators in Israel are doing an excellent job, we felt that we would like to take the tourism business in Israel up a notch. 虽然所有旅游团体和旅游经营者在以色列正在做的非常出色,我们就认为我们想借着旅游业务在以色列了一个档次。

We would like to improve the reputation of service in Israel by offering a super deluxe experience of private touring. 我们想提高声誉的服务,在以色列政府提出一个超级豪华的经验,私人旅游。

While our team has more than 10 years of experience in the tourism field, we are currently in the process of putting this website together. 同时,我们的团队拥有超过10年的经验,在旅游领域,我们目前正处于实施过程中这个网站一起。

Please bare with us.. 裸请与我们..

All comments or questions you might have please refer to our e-mail: 所有意见或问题,你也可能请参阅我们的电子信箱:

office@israeldeluxe.com office@israeldeluxe.com

Please note that if you are excited by the idea of deluxe touring and would like to book a private tour, we can accommodate you and your family, starting from the 8th of November. 请注意,如果你是兴奋的想法豪华旅游,并想预订一个私人旅游,我们可以容纳你和你的家人,从11月8日。

Please don't hesitate and send us an e-mail requesting a quote. 请不要犹豫,并发送给我们发来电子邮件,要求举。

In the meanwhile we will continue to work and update our new site, again please bare with us... 在此期间,我们将继续努力和更新我们的新网站,再请裸跟我们

Thank You 谢谢

IsraelDeluxe israeldeluxe

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