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Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Tour To Israel

If you are looking for a Private Bar Mitzvah tour or a small intimate family Bar Mitzvah in Israel, we can help you plan the perfect event and celebration. The Bar mitzvah we plan for you son or Bat Mitzvah we plan for your daughter
will provide them with a lifetime's worth of memories and deepen his/her connection to the Jewish people their heritage and their land, the land of Israel.

We custom tailor everything, based on your wishes. You can choose the location, the length of stay, the accommodation, the educational emphasis, the Rabbi and even the type of candy you want to be thrown on the Bar Mitzvah boy, everything is organized down to the last detail.

At IsraelDeluxe our Bar/Bat  Mitzvah children get a red carpet treatment, from a VIP entrance to the Kotel to a Private meeting with famous Israeli figures to exclusive experiences not shared by any other Bar/Bat Mitzvah Children going on other tours.

Locations include all the  traditional places, such as Massada or the Kotel, Tzfat  and Hebron.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration can be very special.

We have dozens of deluxe venues for you to choose from; starting from five star hotels to a desert venue or an ancient Synagogue up in the Galilee.

Booking and arrangements should be made at least 3 months in advance

For inquiry and quotes please send an e-mail to bar@israeldeluxe.com



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