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Christian Tours to the holy land - Israel 基督教旅行团前往圣地-以色列


Christian tours From Jerusalem to Jericho, Galilee to Nazareth, Jaffa to the Golan, come and join our tour guide, a walking well of knowledge as he escorts you 'Back to the Bedrock of Christianity' 基督教旅行团从耶路撒冷杰里科,以加利利拿撒勒,雅法向戈兰高地,快来参加我们的导游,步行以及知识作为他护送你'回到基岩的基督教'

Each year thousands of pilgrims make their way from around the world to these places walking the sacred path, journey back 2000 years of history, where each stone tells its story.. 每年有成千上万的朝圣者,使他们从世界各地到这些地方散步的神圣之路,启程回国两千多年的历史,每个石告诉自己的故事..

with our deluxe Christian Private tours you can follow the historical events, remembering the miracles at the Sea of Galilee, the suffering at the Via Dolorosa. 与我们的豪华基督教因私出境,你可以循着历史事件,缅怀了奇迹,在大海的加利利,痛苦,在途经dolorosa 。

Visit the historical churches such as the Church of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Caesarea Philippi, Capernaum, St.Peter's Church and enjoy Christmas in Bethlehem. 访问历史教堂等教堂的变形对摩二等caesarea philippi ,罗马, st.peter ' s教堂,并享受圣诞在伯利恒。

For initial bookings towards Christmas e-mail us at ct@israeldeluxe.com   初次预约对圣诞节电子邮件,我们在ct@israeldeluxe.com


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