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Ben Gurion - Airport Israel

Offering the ultimate VIP treatment, IsraelDeluxe coordinated with Airport "Royal Service" Vendor to include all the VIP services plus your own private terminal.

VIP Israel Airport Price List
 Arrival to Israel
 The guest is Met at the aircraft, the guests are then driven directly to the VIP lounge, where a special VIP desk performs passport control procedures - in a personal and comfortable surroundings.
IsraelDeluxe together with "Royal Service" representatives independently handle baggage collection (in accordance with customs regulations) and have it brought to the lounge, While guests freshen up and are treated to gourmet Snacks and beverages. The guests are then introduced to their Israel Deluxe tour host.

We depart from the lounge strait to our luxury transportation to Israel's main cities, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
 Departure from Israel
 Arriving from the hotel to the airport, all the luggage is taken care of. 
Going directly to the VIP Lounge, security check is conducted in comfort.
 The "Royal Service" representative takes baggage to check-in, passport control is completed in the lounge, and the last moments before departure can be shared by guests and host in quiet, comfortable surroundings.
 From the lounge, a "Royal Service" representative drives the guests directly to the aircraft and bids them farewell.

For prices and booking please try our new advance VIP online booking system: Click here - VIP Israel Airport Price List


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